Actions to mobilize individuals and companies, carried out by specialized social telemarketing operators, who will contact potential donors through the communication channels common to the segment (telephone, WhatsApp, e-mail), presenting the work developed by the Institution, and inviting them to become contributors of recurring donations, seeking loyalty and a sense of belonging to the cause.


Social telemarketing operators specialized in strategic and innovative actions to prospect new recurring donors, renewal of active donors, retention, recovery, and collection of outstanding debts, seeking loyalty, and belonging to the cause. Supervision of social telemarketing with extensive experience in people management, specializing in strategic actions aimed at optimizing results and exceeding goals.


State-of-the-art technology, with robust and high-quality servers, with redundant dedicated internet links, and contingency plans that allow total security of the operation, as well as data security, meeting the security and privacy requirements of the General Law of Brazilian data protection.

Call center software for prospecting donors, with predictive dialers, which optimize productivity, as well as recording the contracts of all donations, to meet any audits by the Institution or the companies collecting the donations.

CRM/ERP software for managing donor records, issuing donations via bank slip, debiting energy bills, Pix, deposits, and bank transfers.

WhatsApp trunk on a smart platform, for prospecting new donors, renewing donation contracts and collecting debts.

SIPtrank voip telephony trunk with destination city, resulting in greater credibility with donors, and greater number of active calls, so even being in Curitiba, donors will receive calls as if they were local.


Our physical infrastructure is in the central area of ​​Curitiba/PR, with large and comfortable commercial rooms, which allow a welcoming environment for our employees, with temperature control, special lighting, furniture according to NR17, with cabins with height adjustment, in addition to anatomical swivel chairs with adjustment in all positions.